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“I had the pleasure of purchasing the first home that Iraj Taghi Custom Homes built. Prior to buying this house I spent many hours touring new homes and evaluating many of the builders in the area. What immediately impressed me was the quality of their workmanship. If you break down all the many phases that go into construction of a home, from the foundation to the finished interior, no builder in Houston outperforms Iraj Taghi. And the integrity of their work continues after closing! They stand by their work and are always quick to respond to any warranty issue. I would not hesitate to recommend Iraj Taghi Custom Homes to anyone in search of top quality home.”

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Nason M. Feldman
“Just a short note to say “thank you” for all your personal involvement and assistance regarding our new home purchase. You and your staff’s follow-through and the continuous monitoring of our progress before and after closing is most appreciated. We loved the house from the moment we saw it, and now as we have had the opportunity to live in it, we love it even more. The materials, the design, the workmanship all are as good as it gets, and our observations have confirmed by a number of seasoned professionals who have inspected the same. The overall buying experience was terrific for us, as most of our negotiation was on a handshake, which we both lived up to without hesitation. Thanks again for your attention to detail and your sincere desire to make us proud and satisfied that we purchased a new home from Iraj Taghi Custom Homes.”

Cary GrayMaster Beedroom
“From the first time we saw our new home we knew the casual elegance and old world charm was perfect for our family and it was built by someone who cares a great deal about quality. Everyone who visits seems genuinely impressed. I especially appreciate hearing people say its obvious this house is built so well it will be here forever. We couldn’t be happier almost a year after moving in.”

Claudia B.
“As we prepare to leave Houston, we reflect on the people and businesses we encountered here. Taghi Custom homes built our home here with the highest standards in all areas of construction. They were always available to answer questions, help with additional additions and improvements in a timely, professional and friendly manner. Without any reservation, my highest recommendation!!!”


“From the start of our building process to almost 3&1/2 years after move in, Iraj Taghi Custom Homes continue to impress us with the way they handle everything. My husband and I adore our home. Amazing custom home builder and crews, high quality, professional, on time and on budget. Iraj is a hands-on-builder. He showed extreme level of personal commitment and organization. He worked directly with us throughout the entire process from beginning to end, making it a pleasant building experience with great advice. He was on site for the day-to-day progress and ensured all his experienced contractors stayed on task and produced a solid structure that we are proud of. Looking for Luxurious, High quality , Honest, Stress free, On time and on budget building project, my husband and I highly recommend them”